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What Causes Error 5 on BA II Plus?

While I was studying for the CFA exam, I periodically received an error 5 message while practicing time value of money problems on the BA II plus calculator.  Usually it was because I accidentally hit a wrong button, but it happened frequently enough that I decided to figure what caused the error message in the […]

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How to Spend Cryptocurrency in the Real World

Bitcoin piqued the interest of investors worldwide after its meteoric increase in value during 2017. However, holding Bitcoin as an investment item is just one of many ways it can be used. A decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was designed to function like a traditional currency without the need for banks or national treasuries to regulate transactions.  […]

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CFA vs CAIA: Do You Need Both?

Students and young professionals in the field of finance, especially financial analysis and asset management, often ask, which of the many professional designations they should pursue, what the difference between them is, and how these designations will equip them for career success. The two most widely recognized and attractive designations in the field are CFA […]

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