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2019 CPA Exam Testing Windows & Blackout Months

Scheduling to sit for the CPA exam requires coordinating with multiple organizations and some minimal advanced planning. If you’re not prepared in advance you may not be able to take the exam at your preferred test center or get stuck paying fees for an exam that you can’t make. This article walks you through the […]

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What are the Best CPA Exam Review Books?

Before you start preparing for the CPA exam, you need to plan your study program based upon your natural learning preferences.  Some people prefer a highly structured classroom program. Other people are more comfortable with a self study program.  If you prefer following a self study program, it’s important to incorporate the right CPA exam […]

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How to Study for the CPA Exam

When you sign up to take the CPA exam, you have 18 months to pass all 4 sections.  For most people, that means you should expect to study close to 400 hours over 18 months. That is a major undertaking so it is critical to understand how to best prepare for the exam based on […]

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