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Ranking the Best Value Investing Books

In short, investors make money by buying stocks which increase in value over time.  However, not everyone agrees on how to reliably pick stocks which will grow. In fact, many people believe it’s impossible: the efficient market hypothesis claims that all relevant public information is already reflected in a stock’s price, and investors only profit […]

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Finding the Best Algorithmic Trading Books

Algorithmic trading uses automated programs to make high-speed trading decisions. A computer can follow a set of predefined rules – or an algorithm – to decide when, what, and how much to trade over time, and then execute those trades automatically. Using an algorithm helps you make trades at the best possible price, time them […]

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How Hard is the CPA Exam?

If you want to position your self for higher earnings and long-term career advancement in accounting, successfully passing the grueling 4 part CPA exam should be one of your main short term goals.  In order to become eligible to practice as a CPA, you must meet minimum educational and work experience requirements as well as […]

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