7 Best Free Forex Trading Channels On Telegram

Finding the right forex trading channel on Telegram can be a difficult task. After all, with so many channels to choose from, it’s tough to know where to look. The good thing is that we’ve done the hard work for you! This article lists 7 of the best free forex trading channels on Telegram. Some of these channels are more famous than others, but all will give you valuable insights into how the market works and what you should do before entering a trade.

Some telegram forex software enables the subscriber to automatically scan the best forex channels on Telegram and receive updates in real-time.

What is Telegram Trading?

Telegram trading is a route through which most telegram users connect with an ex-hedge fund manager and benefit from his expertise on the market. Telegram users could learn about market trends, get signals and rely on groups of people who all trade in similar markets for help and advice on analysis, market conditions, and more. Telegram channels are created by users and then administrated by moderators.

How Telegram Trading Works

The secret to Telegram trading is the simplicity of the platform. An active trader can create a Channel with as many people as he wants and share his opinion on the price movement they should follow. Some more active channels have a bot that can alert you when there is a major drop in the pair of currencies you are trading, allowing you to act early.

A Review of The Best Forex Trading Channels On Telegram

  • Apex bulls

ApexBull is one of the best trading channels on Telegram, with more than 10,000 subscribers. One thing that sets this channel apart from the rest is that its team has over a decade of Wall Street experience.

In addition to daily signals, ApexBull provides its subscribers with educational context and courses about forex trading that suit both advanced and beginner traders. The Telegram channel has a VIP chat feature where newcomers can learn the forex market basics.

  • FX premiere

FXPremiere.com boasts of providing its more than 229,000 subscribers with the best signals through its VIP and free Telegram channels. When you subscribe to the free channel, you’ll get one daily signal and advice on trading strategies.

The VIP channel is the best, as you can get up to 15 signals every day. The best thing is that these signals are 70% successful as they come from trustworthy sources.

  • Free signal pro

This is one of the best trading telegram channels that offers one free daily signal. You will love the channel because it doesn’t send annoying marketing messages pushing a paid channel.

Free Signals Pro is a perfect channel to start with if you want to identify the best trading opportunities as a beginner. The channel already has more than 8,900 subscribers.

  • Sure shot forex

You can try Sure Shot Forex if you want a free channel that provides free signals. You will receive up to five forex signals every day and comprehensive analysis of the trades.

One major demerit is that there is no guarantee of high win rates. Sure Shot Forex has more than 20,693 subscribers.

  • Altsignals.io

AltSignals.io gives its more than 72,000 subscribers a detailed market analysis to help them understand the market behavior. The channel aims to help traders make good profits without exaggerating the signals it sends.

When you join AltSignal’s channel, you will receive reports showing how the best trades are doing. You can also depend on the proficiency of experienced individuals to advise you on different areas.

  • Goldsignals.io

This channel has a team of experienced industry traders, decision-makers, and educators. Since 2018, it has been helping members tackle the most challenging trading decisions and providing education on using even the most complicated trading strategies.

This channel’s main specialty is the pairing of XAUUSD (Gold). When you join the channel, you will learn about XAUUSD and other FX pairs relevant to the market trends. GoldSignals.io already has more than 7,000 subscribers.

  • Free forex signals

We can’t complete the list of the best forex telegram channels with signals without mentioning Free Forex Signals-FX Lifestyle. The channel is among the best because it sends 5 to 9 signals per week with a guaranteed success rate of 70%.

If you need more signals, you can upgrade to the VIP channel, whose average win rate is 91.3%. This version provides you with more signals, which can be more than 20 per week. You can start by joining the free channel with more than 2,300 members as a beginner.

Final words

To make the right decision, it is always good to research and double-check any information you find online. While this list contains some useful trading channels on Telegram, they are by no means the only ones. There are many more out there that offer the same services.

We hope this guide has helped you make the right decisions when choosing the best telegram channels for Forex traders.

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