9 Budget Management Apps for Students

Students living on a tough budget are desperately looking for tools that would help them control and manage their expenses at a reasonable price. They can still make it on paper and for free. But why not use modern developments to make their lives easier?

The same question we ask students who are overwhelmed with writing assignments but are hesitant to use help. The burden will only keep growing if you don’t try to ease it. For that reason, essay writing companies are always there to help.

That is why many students who combine business and offline studies have been using EssayHub for quite a long time now. Most of them admit that if it wasn’t for the EssayHub team, they wouldn’t have time to live their lives at all.

That makes sense because qualified essay writers can save you two-three hours a day. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The same applies to budget management tools. If you find the one that works for you and set it up properly, you can enjoy the perks of saving some cash without cutting your budget much.

So, here is the list of top budget management tools students can use.


The first thing you should do when you start tracking your expenses is to make sure you have tools to account for your expenditures. Mint is the best if you need help with finances. It not only accounts for all your transactions but also suggests a few strategies on how to save more money. A friendly user interface is another feature that makes this app great.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an app for students who plan for the future. If you are interested in more than just saving a few dollars per month, you should use it. The main focus of this app is to grow capital by starting investing or saving. It’s not easy at first, but this app trains you to choose a new lifestyle where every dollar is seen as an investment.


PocketGuard can help you set and manage all your budgets and warns you if you go beyond the threshold. This is a great place to keep everything in order, including monthly bills, regular expenditures, and money for savings. For example, if you need someone to stop you from spending, there is no one who can do the job better than PocketGuard.


Chip is a great budget management software for students who require their spendings to be analyzed. You can easily account for all transactions and define what spending you could have avoided. At the same time, Chip monitors your spendings and warns you when you cross the threshold.

The Chip developer team has recently started implementing process automation to make your management activities even easier. For example, you can connect with your bank account now so that you don’t have to type details for every transaction.


Rather than keep track of the categories, try building a calendar system with the money you spend. Dollarbird helps you check the recurring transactions and bring an order in your visits to groceries. You can also cut your expenses on restaurants and cafes by tracking when you do it and how often.


Wally is a great budget planning app that can facilitate finance management for you. If you need to both control your current spending and plan for the future, you’ll need to install it. It’s better if you are informed of overspends before you actually go overnight with your budget. Wally brings order in sometimes chaotic student budgeting and helps you control finances.


As a personal budget manager, you’ll have to plan your budget based on the income you get. This app is designed to help you allocate the money you have rather than account for money spent. That means as soon as you get money, you enter the amount and start spending to see how much you are left with. It really helps to stay within the profitability line.


To stay in control of all accounts you have, you need to install Simple. It is basically a pocket bank supermarket with all your information and transactions. Simple believes that in order to save up, you need to be aware of everything you spend money on. By bringing all your transactions to one place, you gain more control of your money. The tool is almost international with lots of partner banks in different countries.


For students sharing their budgets with their loved ones, there is a need to stay on track of their shared expenses. Here is where the GoodBudget app can help. It calculates shares, add-ons, and other things that partners may have financially. That makes sharing smoother and easier and helps students plan their spending more efficiently.


It’s hard to make the right choice in a variety of tools that emerge every day. Yet, they all try to solve one or several of the problems students have. You just need to know what it is that you’d like to get help with, and you’ll definitely find the tool that meets your criteria.

If you want to delve deep into learning budget management for personal purposes before you pay for the software, there is a solution for you. There is lots of literature available on how you can save money without living on a shoestring. Knowledge of these budget management practices supported by the apps discussed above will definitely help you succeed in saving.

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