Comparing the Best Digital Marketing Books

Marketing in the digital age is far different than it used to be before computers and cell phones were owned by the masses. Now, social media and search engines are the largest marketing platforms. Digital marketing is a culmination of many kinds of advertising on different platforms in order to reach a target market, specifically on the internet.

This article covers some of the best digital marketing books on the market that can help you navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing.

The Art of Digital Marketing

This book is based on the teachings of the Digital Marketing Institute. Ian Dobson expertly passes on his knowledge and experience to reader with guides, techniques, and case-studies to reference.

The reader will learn how to complete technical customer research, use customer interactions and feedback to improve advertising campaigns, integrate digital marketing into an overall marketing strategy, and to use data-driven knowledge to build successful campaigns.

Ian Dodson uses a tactic that belies traditional marketing strategies, in which the idea that a successful marketer can tell a customer what to think, while as a successful digital marketer can learn what the customer already thinks, so that the marketer can easily target the customer while simultaneously making the buying process for the customer easier.

Digital Marketing for Dummies

There isn’t a topic that the “For Dummies” series hasn’t covered, and digital marketing is something the series has taken to quite well. Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry are digital marketing experts that offer readers insight into digital marketing fundamentals, implementation, and how to improve existing marketing strategies.

Readers can expect a straightforward guide that will help you create a tailored digital marketing campaign, create an effective lead magnet, and build a deeper relationship with your audience.

Building a Story Brand

Donald Miller’s book details a process in which he believes a business can use to expand their marketing reach by using the seven elements of a story. The book describes in detail how business owners and marketing professionals can use the power of a story to relate to people on a more personal level. Readers quickly learn how to incorporate real solutions to the challenges a business faces when marketing to their base and to potential customers.

Miller explains how to provide all the necessary information about the business, the products and services, and every other aspect of the organization through a story-driven process that is proven to work. Millions of people have taken advantage of Miller’s solutions and have profited from his brilliance in business marketing.

Throughout the book, Miller explains in great detail how to implement the process, step-by-step, and even gives the reader a map of tasks to complete to ensure success. Anyone who wishes to learn more about marketing can learn a great deal from Building a Story Brand.

SEO 2019

Adam Clarke has been helping small, family owned businesses and large multi national corporations achieve high google rankings. In this updated version of his book, Clarke breaks down how the Google algorithm works and how you can optimize your own web site to take advantage of free organic traffic.

The book breaks down how Google has changed over the years and how it uses complex algorithms to determine a website’s ranking in Google’s search engine. The book’s 2019 update covers the most recent updates to Google’s algorithm over the past year.

The Social Media Marketing Workbook

Digital marketing and social media go hand in hand. Facebook alone has over a billion people using their platform everyday around the world. Other social media platforms have millions of additional users. Jason McDonald’s book emphasizes the importance of using social media marketing and explains why it is effective.

It includes a step-by-step guide that details how to get started making a profile on the most popular social media sites, what to include in the profile, setting up advertising campaigns, methods of marketing, how to select a target audience, and much more. Readers quickly learn that social media platforms are “parties” and the advertiser is the “party host,” with the ultimate goal of learning how to “party with a purpose,” which makes the entire subject easy to understand through a simple analogy.

This particular version is updated for Fall of 2019 and will be expanded and updated as needed so that readers can stay not only current but have some insight into future trends that can give an advantage over peers and competition.

Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values

This guidebook is for the business and marketing professional who understands that digital integration is the way of the future. The book provides insight as to how important it is for a business to create a brand online and to reach out to their target audience digitally.

The book outlines the authors’ paths to success, which include a person’s mindset, the business model, the marketing strategy, implementation of digital marketing, and sustainability. The reader will work through the basics of understanding digital marketing, how it can help any company, and how to apply all the knowledge and tactics into a professional marketing plan.

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