How to Find the Best Blockchain Development Company

In 2017, the world experienced a real boom in blockchain technology. Every day we read news about which new area and which new business are planning to introduce this technology in the near future. Over the year, the demand for blockchain developers has grown to 700%. In the last couple of months, 40% of all software development jobs have required distributed ledger technology skills (according to Toptal, USA). The presence of the word “blockchain” in a software developer’s resume automatically raises his salary by at least 25%.

Let’s try to figure out what kind of employees employers are looking for to implement blockchain technology in their business and what features these candidates should have.

Here are just a few of the areas for which distributed ledger technology is considered essential and useful by the global community (the list is almost endless):

  • Banking and stock market (blockchain stores all information, allows you to make financial transactions without intermediaries, reduces costs and terms of operations);
  • Nanopayments (for example, for web resources that involve subscriptions);
  • Logistics and supply (allows you to track the entire path of a particular product);
  • Insurance (smart contracts that are triggered automatically when an insured event occurs);
  • Copyright (the blockchain stores all information about the product, which will help resolve disputes regarding the ownership of rights to it);
  • Energy (technology reduces reporting and infrastructure costs so much that even private solar panel owners can micro-sell electricity directly).

Now let’s try to figure out where to look for such developers who will help you implement the successful implementation of blockchain technology.

Since we are talking about a young industry, it seems that the easiest and most reliable way would be to “hunt” a specialist in another company (for example, in a large bank or blockchain startup). Here the employer should be careful and attentive so as not to mistakenly bind himself with a contract with a candidate who, on the wave of the popularity of the blockchain, hastened to write this cherished phrase about experience in crypto-development into his resume, but did not show the necessary knowledge and skills in the previous position. … A preliminary in-depth examination and testing of the required skills of the applicant is required!

You should also carefully study the market for offers of middle and senior level developers who program in Java, C / C ++, Go, Python and Rust. Successful developers with no solid blockchain experience should not be neglected. A strong specialist with a good technical base will be able to understand the nuances of technology in a fairly short period of time. Such specialists can be found at hackathons and thematic events, found in special chats and forums, as well as on websites (GitHub, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn). Remember that most talented blockchain developers do not publish their resumes on employee search and job sites; you need to get acquainted with them personally at events and on the network and get them interested in your project. To make things easier for yourself, you can choose a reliable blockchain development company – Unicsoft.

So, you have selected a team of strong employees and started developing the project. We would like to give a couple more tips on how to retain talented specialists in the blockchain field and make their work as efficient and successful as possible.

Offer them the working conditions they need:

  • Provide them with the opportunity for constant growth – advanced training, development of intellectual abilities;
  • Set them non-standard and complex tasks, don’t let them get bored;
  • Think over a system of motivation and rewards (options, etc.);
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to represent the interests of the company at international conferences, gain new knowledge and new experience at similar international events;
  • Support and encourage their initiative;
  • Organize a convenient and comfortable working environment or allow employees to work remotely, if it really matters to them;
  • Find an individual approach to everyone, earn employee loyalty to your company, to your team and to you personally!

You can get more info about the services of the blockchain development company.

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