Why is Board Room Software Important for Business Development?

The virtual boardroom is special software that helps effectively manage the board of directors. With its help, you can improve the workflow at all stages: from planning to the final stage when you receive feedback and fix mistakes.

Among other things, modern board portals are full-fledged tools for the safe storage of various documents. Also, they have a number of additional features that facilitate and optimize the process. For example, it can be a question-answer section, the ability to create polls, and so on. If you want to know more on this topic, you may follow the article about how to compare top board of directors portals or read below to find out about the key benefits of board rooms, their features, and tips on choosing one.

Board Room Common Features

The set of features depends on the specific virtual board software provider. However, there is a list of must-have features, which you can check below.

Planning Tools

With their help, you can manage meetings and send reminders on time. This feature allows you to improve the integration between team members and increase engagement through visual tools. For example, these can be advanced calendars or automation tools.

Directory of Board Members

Here, you can store a list of board members with all the necessary information: contact details, phone numbers, biographical data, and more. Together with scheduling tools, this option improves the convenience of sending messages and personalizing reminders.

Committee Management

Typically, large companies have several such committees: some are for auditing, others for executive functions, M&A, and so on. With this feature, you can organize and centralize the work of all departments and conduct an online board meeting.

Virtual Rooms

Thanks to this option, you do not need to download additional software for video conferencing. Modern boardrooms have everything you need to conduct full-fledged conferences using presentations, screen sharing, various interactive elements, and more.

Document Management

Boardrooms allow you to work with most existing file types. You can select files one at a time or use a bulk uploader. At the same time, modern boardrooms have almost no restrictions on the size of the internal storage. All files are protected thanks to 128-bit or 256-bit encryption and SSL protocols. This provides protection against hacking, information leakage, and so on.

Collaboration Tools

Using these tools, you can ensure that all team members work together smoothly. In addition, it helps to easily invite third parties and stakeholders to share information, discuss project details, and so on. The paperless meeting solution helps to customize role-based access. As a result, you can be sure that unauthorized people cannot get access to corporate information.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Modern board room providers develop solutions that allow you to run a boardroom from any device and work on the go. Some board portals offer special applications that you can install on your device. While others focus on optimization of the interface as much as possible, so you have no need to download additional software to your smartphone or tablet.

Report Feature

Up-to-date board portals allow you to collect data on each stage of work, structure it, and create detailed reports. This info is an essential component of optimizing work and correcting possible errors.

Benefits of Using Board Portals

Using the board management software, you can significantly optimize the workflow and minimize financial expenses. Learn more from the list below.

  1. With the help of boardrooms, you can not only optimize and centralize work processes but also save money. Using a virtual board portal, you do not need to rent a physical office, spend money on its arrangement, purchase office supplies, consumables, and so on.
  2. Thanks to the virtual boardroom, you can communicate and exchange information centrally. Communication and file sharing are securely protected from leakage or unauthorized access.
  3. The board portal allows uniting people who may work on different continents. In this case, the only condition is to have a device with an Internat connection.

How to Pick the Best Board Room Provider?

Here are three main points you should consider while choosing the board portal provider.

  1. First of all, you need to match the type of your business and its size with the need to purchase a board room. It is essential to prioritize and acquire the tool that can provide the minimum required set of functions.
  2. You should do market research on various board portal providers and compare several top resources. In order to do it, you need to get trial versions of products and test them in practice. Do not forget to communicate with the support service and learn about the full range of services. This is important to avoid possible hidden fees, for example. In addition, it can help to evaluate the quality of assistance in resolving potential problems.
  3. Focus on the most straightforward and most convenient solutions. The boardroom should not be difficult for any of the team members to master. Give preference to a board portal software that is optimized for work on the go.


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