6 Ways to Make a Difference in the World

There are many reasons you might want to make a difference in the world. Giving back can be both a benefit to you and the organization or cause that you choose to help. Whether you support a social, community, political, or other type of cause, there are plenty of ways you can show support. Let’s look at a few:

Volunteer your time

Volunteering your time is one of the most straightforward ways to give back. From helping at an event, to going door-to-door to canvass, to calling and texting people to raise awareness, volunteering your time is a great way to make a tangible difference. Plus, being on the ground and connecting with people lets you actively see the change you are helping to make in the world.

Contribute your skills

What kinds of skills do you have? Do you paint or draw? Are you expressive with words, good with home projects, or an amateur baker? No matter what kind of skills you have, using them to support your chosen cause is a nice way to make a difference. Maybe you can organize a bake sale, create posters or flyers, or help set up for an event to benefit your cause. Look for opportunities to use your strengths or get in touch with the organization and ask how you can best support them using your unique skills.

Donate items

Donating your items is another great way to give back. Consider food, clothing, toy, furniture, or other drives that ask for specific items. Then, take a look around you. Are there things that you no longer need but that are still in great condition? The items you no longer need might find a wonderful new home, and you can declutter your space in the process.

Donate money

Giving money can be an efficient and seamless way to support a cause you care about. If you don’t have the bandwidth to volunteer or help out, giving can still be a great way to show your support. Before you write a check, you may want to ask the organization whether your donation is tax deductible and how they might use the money.

Use social media

Utilizing your social media presence is an easy way to help. Whether sharing links to donation websites or just getting the word out to your followers and friends with a post, your social media network can be an excellent platform to make others aware of your cause. Raising awareness can also help to amplify the cause and bring in additional support beyond your individual donation.

Make an organization part of your legacy

To keep making a difference, think about making the cause a part of your legacy. Consider leaving the organization something in your will. If you have a permanent life insurance policy like whole life insurance or universal life insurance, the guaranteed death benefit is a great way to make an organization part of your legacy. This way, you can keep providing financial support even after you’re gone.

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