Free CPA Exam Study Materials: Our Top 20 Resources

Studying for the CPA exam requires a major a commitment.  Just meeting the requirements to take the CPA exam aren’t easy, as you’re required to meet 150 credit hours of education which typically requires some graduate level classes.  But the rewards for earning your CPA can be worth it in the long run.  BLS data reports a median salary of $83,000 for accountants and auditors based on 2017 data.

So before you invest your time and money into an expensive CPA study program, its important to understand if your really ready to jump into the challenge.  We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best free CPA exam study materials.  The resources below will help you fully understand what to expect before signing up to take the CPA exam and help you decide if its the right path for you.

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CPA Exam Webinars

Wiley offers a comprehensive free webinar that explains 2019 changes to the CPA exam, what to anticipate during the CPA licensing process, and tips for how to prepare for the CPA exam.

This is a great free webinar for anyone that is starting their CPA journey:

Mapping out the right the right study plan makes a major difference in your ability to retain the most important information on the exam.  Don’t miss this free video webinar that will help you map out an efficient study plan:

Readiness Assessment

You’ve made it through 150 credit hours of accounting and you’re ready to start preparing for the first of 4 exams.  It would probably be a good idea to take a baseline assessment of what your skills are today.  That way you can tailor your study efforts to maximize your time by focusing on improving your weaker areas.

Yaeger has prepared a free comprehensive CPA readiness assessment that provides detailed feedback so you can tailor your future study plan.  The best part is that this assessment is FREE!

CPA Flashcards

When I’m studying for a big test, the single most useful tool for retaining formulas and concepts is flash cards.  Ideally flashcards would be available in a mobile format so you could review the material anytime you had a few free minutes on your commute or during your lunch break.

Surgent has created the ideal solution for you.  They have created a comprehensive CPA flashcard app for both IOS and android that is available on your phone or tablet.  The app includes over 2,200 questions and covers all 4 parts of the CPA exam.  Amazingly, the app is completely free to download.

CPA Review for Free

If you’ve made the decision to pursue the CPA, then you’re probably already considering whether it makes sense for you use a prep course as part of your study plan.  The key benefit of a good CPA prep course is the ability to master the material by regularly taking practice questions that include clear answer explanations.

The best CPA exam prep courses offer detailed analytical data to help you focus your studying on your weakest areas.

The challenge can be sorting through the different options and price points.  We created a detailed comparison of the best CPA exam prep courses to help you compare the prices and features.

  • You can also visit our CPA Exam Discounts & Promo codes page to check for the latest course discounts.  The page is updated regularly with new promotions when they become available.

But there really isn’t anything quite as effective as trying out the platform for yourself.  By going through the video tutorials and reviewing the practice question formats, you can make a much better decision if a particular prep course is right for you.

We’ve included free trials to some of the most popular CPA exam courses below:

Important Exam Information

The AICPA is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and it is the national professional organization for Certified Public Accountants.  The AICPA offers some amazing free study materials for the CPA exam which is included below:

In order to be fully licensed as a CPA, you need to meet the requirements of the state accounting board in the particular state you would like to practice.  The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy offers updated information about the requirements for all 50 states.

Pass Rates and Exam Structure

Try not to be too intimidated by the 2018 pass rates.  AICPA data shows that less than 50% of people passed the AUD, FAR, and REG exams.  Students did slightly better on the BEC exam with a 56% pass rate.  That information begs the question of how the CPA exam is actually scored.

CPA General Information Articles

There is an overwhelming amount of information related to the CPA exam available.  We’ve included some of the articles we’ve found most interesting about the exam:

CPA and Accounting Forums

When your ready for some lighter material or you just want to commiserate with others on the same path.  There are a number of great forums discussing the CPA exam:

Free CPA Study Material

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