11 Apps that Pay you to Walk

Whether you’re looking for a better incentive to get more steps in the day or for a way to earn money for the walking that you already do, there are several programs in the AppStore or the Google Play store that will reward you for being active.

If you live in a city where walking is a popular mode of transportation, you can redeem extra cash by signing up with these apps. These walking apps are also a great way for you to stay motivated to exercise. Many individuals are already redeeming more money through these programs because they are more energized to work out.

The benefits of walking for cardio exercise are numerous. Burning these extra calories can strengthen your heart and lungs, help you lose fat, and keep you mobile and limber in the long run. It can also improve your mood and mental health in the short run and increase your energy levels. Walking has also been proven to extend your life!

That’s why when combined with these apps, there’s no reason not to want to earn extra money from walking. Every step counts when you’re using these popular walking and activity apps.

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Would you like an energetic, four-legged walking partner? Rover is the app that can potentially pay you the most to walk because it lets you be a dog walker in your spare time. If you’re looking to earn extra income while walking and love being around dogs, then Rover is definitely the top app for you.

A dog will make your walk more fun and dynamic, and you’ll get to discover new walking paths in different parts of town every time you open up the app and get hired to walk a dog. A short walk alone can bring in around $20 and add even extra value to the time you get to spend with an peppy puppy.


Postmates is also an interesting way to get paid for getting in shape. Unlike several other restaurant delivery services, this food delivery app will actually allow you to deliver food to people by walking if you’re in a densely populated city.

Couriers on foot find Postmates great for making money on the side because they get to work the hours they choose. Many have made their money walking during their lunch break or after their full-time jobs, but others even set fitness goals for themselves to walk more and earn money at the same time.

While the money earned per hour depends on your location and the current demand for food, you can find yourself earning about $15 an hour on average. Working with Postmates as a courier will encourage you to be more active, which is incredible for whoever wants to get paid for getting in shape in the city.


Achievement is an app that will give you points for logging and tracking various health activities, including walking. By tracking food intake, sleep, and exercise, you can earn up to 80 points per day. After every 10,000 points, you’ll earn $10. Just a few months of diligent exercise and healthy living can earn you extra cash.

Tracking your points on Achievement isn’t difficult either. This app can sync with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Garmin, so you don’t have to track your data multiple times in a day. The iPhone’s Health app already automatically tracks your walking data every day, so you can easily sync that with the Achievement app to earn points as well.

You can even earn money doing a variety of other activities, such as running, swimming, biking, or another sport. But if you’re looking to make money from walking, this is definitely an easy app that will let you redeem your points fast.


Sweatcoin takes a modern twist on getting paid to walk by giving you cryptocurrency instead of cash, but once you convert the cryptocurrency, you can redeem up to $1,000 at once. You can earn 10 “sweatcoins” a day from walking 10,000 steps, and 20 sweatcoins is worth $1.

This app tracks your walking by using the GPS on your phone, so keeping your app open when you’re walking outside will be the best way to log these points and redeem your sweatcoins. This app is strictly for walking and doesn’t sync with other fitness apps, so you can concentrate on getting your steps in when you can with Sweatcoin.

People Walker

You can walk more (and get paid for it) by helping other people get motivated to walk more. Based in Los Angeles, the People Walker app helps people stay accountable by hiring “people walkers” to accompany them on their walks for $7 a mile. You can sign up as a walker and earn this money through their app once you match with someone who needs a walk. According to The Janda Law Firm, nearly 6000 pedestrians are injured in the US each year, so make sure to be aware of your surroundings and follow local pedestrian regulations.

As odd as the concept is, you can make about $20 an hour while getting enough exercise in the day. Another good thing is you’ll be with another person, leaving you plenty of time for interesting conversation and potential friendship.

It’ll make your walks more engaging as well. After downloading the app, applying as a walker, and passing a virtual interview, you will get to be your own boss and earn money from walking extra miles in the day.


If you’re in search of the ultimate motivation for working out, be sure to add Lympo to the top of your list. Every day, this app presents new challenges for you to complete, encouraging you to be more fit and active. You have the option to earn rewards for walking or running, and you can choose to do the challenge indoors or outdoors.

Lympo boosts your motivation by giving you a lot of variety in your workouts, and it pays you for every time you work out too. This helps you achieve any of your biggest fitness goals in a fun way and also receive real rewards for your hard work whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

PK Rewards

Making every workout count is PK Rewards’ mission. PK Rewards is another app that helps you achieve your fitness goals by first analyzing the effort of your workout then rewarding you coins for it. You can redeem these coins for cash and prizes, including the latest products from Lululemon, Amazon, and Nike.

Like the rest of the apps mentioned in this article, PK Rewards is easy and free to start using, but a lesser known fact is that its Android platform also has a feature where you can form private, invite-only groups with friends.

These groups have leaderboards to help members stay accountable and motivated. Friends can inspire each other to walk, run, and work out more to earn extra money and stay healthy.


Higi is a fitness tracking app that rewards your walking and beyond. If you download the Higi app, it can sync with your Health app or other fitness tracking apps to reward you for your fitness activities.

You can earn points for walking up to one mile every day, and to keep things interesting, Higi also has challenges you can complete each week or month.

In addition, Higi has health stations across the United States, mainly located inside of pharmacies. If you use these stations to check your weight, blood pressure, and body fat percentage, you will also earn points to redeem for prizes.

While this app doesn’t pay you in direct cash yet, their rewards are often great deals for health and fitness equipment, many of which you might have considered purchasing already.


An ultimate commitment device to get you to stick to working out, the app StepBet allows you to set goals and bet on yourself being able to achieve them. This is perfect for people with New Year’s resolutions to get in better shape or for people who are just highly confident in their abilities to work out.

If you reach your goals, you’ll win your money back and more, but if you don’t reach them, you lose the bet and your money.

StepBet can help you create your own feasible fitness goals, and most bets you can place on yourself are around $40. Because your real money is on the line and you have the opportunity to earn even more, you’ll be extra motivated to meet your health and fitness goals.


Another app that keeps you committed to working out: FitPotato. FitPotato pays you to make an exercise schedule and then stick to it. You can challenge friends and other users around the globe to earn cash for consistently tracking your steps, and completing three sessions in a week makes you eligible for cash prizes.

If you’re eligible, you get a cut of the weekly prize, so the fewer people who complete their missions means the more money you’ll earn.

This rewards model keeps you motivated and makes exercising fun again. You can make money walking, running, dog walking, going to the gym, or doing yoga – all by consistently staying active.


Last but not least in our list of apps that will pay you for walking is HealthyWage. This is the ultimate way to earn money for losing weight, so if shedding a few pounds is a goal of yours, then HealthyWage is worth a try.

You can join an existing challenge, create one for your own friend group, or work independently, and then you’ll enter a betting wage in order to join the program.

Like FitPotato, HealthyWage is an app where you’re also betting on yourself and your own health goals. The more weight you want to lose and the shorter amount of time you can do it in, the more money you will win.

It’s great for people who are competitive but need that extra drive to work out more and lose weight, and it’s a spectacular way to achieve more than you could’ve imagined through walking.

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