PPC for Lawyers: How Effective Is It?

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is an extremely effective form of advertising. Internet users who click through to your site through pay-per-click advertising are 50% more likely to make purchases than organic visitors are. Additionally, PPC statistics are considerably easier to measure than SEO statistics are, making PPC a much better marketing method than SEO. PPC is particularly effective when used in conjunction with SEO.

If you are running a law firm, then it’s highly likely that you will already be familiar with SEO, because outranking your competitors is crucial. You might not be familiar with PPC, however. This post will tell you all about it:

Specialist Agencies

If you run a law firm and want a method of marketing that’s reliable and effective, PPC is for you. The best part about PPC marketing is that there are firms that specialize in attorney PPC, which work almost exclusively with law firms. These agencies understand the importance of marketing for law firms, so will be able to work closely with you so that you can find new clients and increase your firm’s exposure. Firms that specialize in PPC often also specialize in SEO, which means that they are able to offer advice and guidance on increasing your firm’s SEO, also.

Before working with any agency, it’s very important that you research them online and check out their reviews. An agency’s reviews give you a glimpse into what working with them is like, because previous customers will post their experiences.


One of PPC’s greatest advantages is that when compared to other methods of online marketing, it’s exceptionally cost-effective. You won’t have to invest tens of thousands into your firm’s marketing effort but will get the same results as if you had done. Pay-per-click advertising campaigns allow taking control of your customer targeting and ad placements, ensuring that you are seen by the number of people that’s ideal, allowing you to stay within your budget. Many firms will ensure that you never pay for ad impressions or reach, only clicks. The cost of your marketing effort depends on the agency that you are working with, so check out their packages.

Instant Results

Another of PPC’s advantages is that it delivers almost instant results. Other forms of marketing like SEO for example, take several weeks or months before they start yielding results. This is because with SEO, you have to first establish your site’s domain authority, and then fight with competitors to get on Google’s front page. PPC advertising puts you in the right places, meaning that your audience can see you instantly, and therefore, can begin clicking through to your website and checking out your service the moment that your advertisements are live. There aren’t many advertising solutions that deliver results as instantaneous as PPC advertising can.

Warm Leads

PPC allows you to reach your audience when they are searching for the services that you are selling, which allows you to generate warm leads. Warm leads are, as already mentioned, prospects that are currently shopping for the service that your business offers, which means that you will be able to grab them while they are actively about to spend money and in search of your services. This enables you to guarantee that the people who click your advertisements are interested in the products that you’ve got on offer.

ROI Measurement

Another of the advantages of using PPC as a marketing solution is that you are able to effectively measure your advertising campaign’s ROI. It can be very difficult to work out one’s ROI with other methods, but that’s not an issue when it comes to PPC. The reason for this is that PPC campaigns are extremely simple to measure, which means that you are able to constantly improve advertisements until you produce an ROI that’s desirable for you. The agency that you work with should be able to publish their typical client ROI or at least show you it if you ask to see it.

SEO Marketing

PPC works very well with SEO. If you are also interested in launching an SEO marketing campaign, then it’s a very good idea to do so when you are in the process of launching and working on a PPC marketing effort. The reason for this is that PPC produces a lot of data. This user data can then be used to improve your SEO effort. The PPC company that you work with might also specialize in SEO. If not, then you will need to find a company that does.

If you are a lawyer, then it’s important to know that PPC is one of the most effective marketing solutions available online. If you are interested in expanding your firm’s reach and achieving exposure, then it’s time to integrate PPC into your firm’s broader marketing effort.

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