Why You Might Want The Energy of Flowers in The Workplace

Today, many people talk about the energy of flowers. Truly magical qualities are attributed to this miraculous power: it can calm, tune in a positive way, inspire and even heal. How can a bouquet of flowers improve the indoor climate? What can be done to direct the energy of plants in the right direction? Let’s find out how flowers affect us and where to order international flower delivery.

The energy of flowers in the house: how they change our lives and health

Contemplation of flowers, inhalation of their aroma improves mood. Their natural beauty helps to get rid of heavy thoughts, inspires, encourages. People associated with creativity are especially able to appreciate this: it is enough to distract from the creative process, switch your attention to the elements of wildlife and the body’s forces are restored, inspiration comes, alternative solutions to complex problems are unexpectedly found.

The algorithm of such therapy is simple: the brain receives positive emotions, the corresponding hormones quickly begin to be produced, the state of a person changes, and well-being improves. In addition to the psychological effect, many plants also have a bactericidal effect: they purify the air, kill pathogens (for example, the most common marigolds).

Energetic effect of cut flowers

Cut flowers are great for filling a person with positive energy. A bouquet of flowers is always a pleasant gift that instantly gives a charge of optimism and cheerfulness. Using flowers is the easiest way to express support, show attention or make a beautiful compliment. When people are given flowers, they smile. Really, sincerely. Their mood immediately improves, they understand that they are not alone, they are valued. There is a reciprocal desire to create, to enjoy life. A person with such an attitude is able to “move mountains”, he is inspired, strives for harmony with himself and the world around him.

What energy do houseplants have?

Houseplants are alive. They have strong energy, but it is important to place them correctly in the house in order to direct their energy in the right direction. It is generally accepted that many indoor plants not only purify the air, but also reduce the impact of the electromagnetic field. For example, for this reason, it is recommended to place cacti near the computer.

Among the plants that can transform negative energy into positive, it is worth highlighting:

  • geranium;
  • ficus (promotes career, intellectual growth);
  • aloe;
  • begonia;
  • lemon;
  • cyclamen;
  • hyacinth;
  • spurge (grows only in houses with positive energy).

Many of these plants are advised to be placed even in children’s rooms. For example, hyacinth helps to establish contact between parents and children, and lemon gives vitality. Plants with a too strong aroma are not suitable for placement in a residential area: they can irritate. Especially carefully you need to pick up home plants for people suffering from allergic reactions.

Are there flowers with negative energy?

As undesirable flowers for placing a house, one can single out plants – vampires: they are able to absorb energy. In such locations, a person’s working capacity decreases, he quickly gets tired, cannot concentrate for a long time, he may experience headaches. These plants include:

  • monstera: accumulates negative energy; you should not buy a plant for a house that has stood for a long time, for example, in an office;
  • orchid: absorbs vital energy from the outside at night;
  • chlorophytum: absorbs negative energy, but is more suitable for offices, work receptions or offices.

Flowers in the house are a beautiful element of decor and its stylish design. Both indoor and cut plants have a beneficial effect on a person’s mood and emotional health. They bring beauty to life, make it brighter, richer. Why deprive yourself and your loved ones of the luxury of being a healthy and happy person? Order flower delivery online without even leaving your home.

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