How Does TopCashBack Work? Is it Legit?

Similar to Rakuten’s Ebates, TopCashBack is a competing cash back web site that claims to offer higher cash back than some of the other larger sites.  Rather than spend extra money on expensive commercials, TopCashBack uses the savings to provide consumers with higher cash back payout rates.

We take a detailed look at the TopCashBack business model, explain how it works, and examine whether or not it really does offer higher average cash back payout rates.

TopCashBack Signup Bonus & New Member Offer

TCB is currently offering all new users a $15 signup bonus when you make your first online purchase using TopCashBack.  The signup bonus will be available in your account after you receive your cash back earnings from the first purchase you make.

  • Click here to sign up for the free $15 bonus.

Refer a Friend with TopCashBack

Keep in mind after you sign up for TCB and earn your new member bonus, you will be eligible to refer other friends.  You will be eligible for a $15 bonus for each friend you signup as well.

What is TopCashback and How to Use it?

TopCashback is a free online shopping platform. Unlike many other platforms, however, TopCashback rewards you with cash back for shopping online through them. Simply start out on TopCashback’s website or mobile app, search for the retailer you plan to shop at and click on the link to their site, make your purchases, and be rewarded for doing so through TopCashback with literal cash back in your wallet.

How Long has TCB been in Business?

TopCashback has been on the cash back scene in the US since 2011, after their first six years in the UK. Now, there are over 8 million people (and counting) earning cash back on their online purchases through TopCashback around the world.

18% of online shoppers tend to shop at least once a week, and nearly half – 40% – hop online to make a purchase at least once a month.

With platforms like TopCashback on the scene, users have the option to earn cash back on their online purchases regardless of how often they are making them. If you are a once a week online shopper, or even at least once a month, those cash back totals can start adding up.

Available Retailers & Potential Payouts

Users can shop at thousands of their favorite online retailers, including notable companies such as Amazon, Walmart, StubHub, Clinique, and more. Users can also earn cash back on travel reservations with favorites like Holiday Inn, Marriott, Priceline, Princess Cruises, and airlines including Emirates and British Airways.

In total, TCB offers cash back at over 4,400 merchants.  So its very easy to find a merchant that is compatible with TCB.

Sample Payout Rates

Keep in mind that payout percentages vary on a daily basis.  TopCashBack also frequently runs promotions with higher than normal payout rates.  Here is a few payout rates from some of the most popular retailers listed in July 2019:

  • Walmart – 5%
  • Old Navy – 6%
  • Best Buy – 7%
  • Wallgreens – 8%

Assuming you spend $500 shopping each month, you would receive $25 cash back per month and up to $300 cash back per year if you shopped at retailers with a 5% cash back payout.

How does TopCashback Make Money?

It’s totally reasonable to have questions like, “Where does TopCashback get all this money they are giving away?” Basically, TopCashback has partnerships with the retailers listed on their platform. When you head to a site via TopCashback and make a purchase, that retailer sees it as TopCashback referring you to their site. They give a small commission to TCB for sending business their way, and TopCashback passes that commission right on to you.

Earning TCB Cashback

TopCashback offers users two main ways to earn cash back: a traditional website and a mobile app. Both options allow users to earn cash back and have access to various coupons which TopCashback also makes available to their users.

TCB Website

If you prefer to hop on your computer to shop online (and research shows that most online shoppers do), TopCashback has an easy to use website that allows users to see current top offers or search for their favorite retailer by name or category.

Simply look for the retailer you plan to shop with, see up front how much cash back you can earn on your purchase there, then head to their site via the “get cashback” link provided and shop as normal.

TopCashBack Mobile App

If you prefer to make your online purchases on the go, download the TopCashback Mobile App on the Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can do your online shopping via the app from your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices wherever you are. This free app is super user friendly and makes it easy to look for your favorite retailers and manage your TopCashback account.

Withdrawing your Cash Earnings

After you’ve made an eligible purchase via TopCashback, you will receive an email letting you know that you made a purchase with your TopCashBack account.  Sometimes you will receive the email on the same day you made the purchase, but it can take up to 7 days because TopCashBack needs to receive notification from the merchant first, then you will be notified.

Once the retailer’s return period on your purchase has finished and they confirm your purchase to TopCashback, that amount will show as payable on your online account. It’s worth noting that this process can take some time, and it can vary from retailer to retailer, so patience is key here.

Once you see that you have cash back payable, you can head over to the payouts page and cash out. There’s no minimum amount required to get paid, and you can choose to receive your payout whenever you would like after it’s shown up as payable.

Payout Options

You have three options for getting paid: ACH, PayPal, or Amazon credit. If you choose Amazon credit, you’ll be rewarded with an additional 3% bonus on top of the cash back you have already earned. If you’re an Amazon shopper, this is a fantastic benefit!

If not, an ACH or PayPal deposit is a straightforward way to literally get cash back in your wallet.

Learn about How to Earn Extra Money on Paypal.

Missing Cashback Claims and other User Complaints?

The most frequent issue users have is a purchase not being properly tracked with TopCashBack.  To make sure your purchase is properly tracked, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your web browser is setup to record cookies.
  • Clear any existing cookies in your web browser.
  • Start at the TopCashBack website.
  • Look up your online merchant and click through to begin shopping.

If you made a purchase and it was not properly tracked, visit the customer service page and you can file a missing cash back claim with TopCashBack.

TopCashback vs. Ebates

TopCashback has some tough competition, with several cash back platforms available to consumers. Ebates is perhaps their most recognized competitor.

Ebates has been online longer than TopCashBack.  However TCB offers over 4,400 merchants compared to 2,500 with Ebates.

First, and perhaps most importantly, TopCashback frequently offers higher cash back rates than Ebates. TopCashback passes 100% of what they get from the retailers they partner with to the shoppers, while other competitors keep a percentage of that cash back commission for themselves.

TopCashBack Guarantee

TCB believes strongly in their payout rates and is willing to match a higher cash back rate if you find one on Ebates (or other cash back platforms).  If you find a higher rate, just submit a claim through customer service to use the cash back guarantee.

Payout Differences

When it comes to getting paid, TopCashback offers more payout methods than Ebates, and allows you to get paid as soon as your cash back funds are available with no minimum amount required. Ebates only pays once a quarter, and will only send you your earnings if you’ve made over five bucks.

Other TopCashback Alternatives

TopCashback and Ebates are far from the only cash back platforms available. BeFrugal is another option, and offers cash back at more than 5,000 retailers in addition to providing printable coupons for their users.

Mr. Rebates is another option, partnering with fewer stores and allows users to request payment once a month if their balance is $10 or higher.

Getting the most cash back in your wallet

TopCashback is a great way to get a little extra cash back on your online purchases. If you are looking to maximize how much cash you get back, we have included a few tips.  follow these suggestions:

Make Use of the Daily Deals

  • TopCashback offers different bonuses at different times for choosing to cash out via gift card instead of straight cash. Watch for these bonuses and take advantage of them by cashing out for a gift card to a retailer you’ll shop at anyways. That additional bonus on top of the cash back you earned is a great way to maximize your savings!
  • Shop around – if you are looking to make a purchase that is readily available at various retailers, look for the retailer that offers the highest cash back rate. Of course, you will want to compare the price of the item in addition to the cash back rates to make sure you are getting the best deal, but don’t just rush to purchase from the first retailer you search. Failure to shop around can mean you are leaving money on the table!
  • Watch for special offers in which you can earn more cash back than normal at different retailers. TopCashback lists these top, special offers on their home page, so if you can hold out on making a purchase until the retailer might offer a higher cash back rate, it’s a great idea to do so! These rate increases are only available for limited time periods, so be sure to act fast if you see a great deal.

Maximize your Online Purchases

  • TopCashback is a great resource for booking travel. If you’re planning a vacation, don’t forget about checking the TopCashback platform! It’s not just for retail purchases.
  • Stack your cash back earnings with credit card rewards by using your favorite rewards card to shop online. There’s no payment method requirement for making your purchases via TopCashback, so the best way to maximize your savings is to use a rewards card that will allow you to earn various rewards in addition to the cash back you’ll receive.

Make Use of the TopCashBack Referral System and Cash Back Guarantees

  • TopCashback offers a $15 referral bonus for users who tell their friends. Once you start earning cash back, it will be hard to not shout it from the rooftops, so getting a cash bonus for helping your friends save money too is just an added, well, bonus!
  • As mentioned above, TopCashback will match a higher cash back rate if you find one on another platform. It’s worth your time to compare the cash back rate for the retailer you plan to purchase from on the major cash back platforms to make sure TopCashback’s is the highest, especially if you plan to make a large purchase. Submit a cash back guarantee claim with proof of the higher rate, and TopCashback will match it! TopCashback will match higher rates on these cash back platforms: BeFrugal, Ebates, Gocashback, Mr. Rebates, and shopathome.

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