Yaeger CPA Review: Is it Right for You?

Phil Yaeger created Yeager CPA in 1977 as a traditional classroom style CPA review program based in the Washington DC metro area.  Over time the program has evolved from a single classroom with 13 students into an online based program that streams the same classroom style lessons directly through your tablet or PC.

The Yaeger program utilizes real accounting professors that focus on core concepts and principles rather than rote memorization and simplistic power point slides that superficially cover topics.  The program offers a compelling price point with an emphasis on traditional teaching methods, supplemented by a high touch customer service model which provides direct access to the instructors throughout your program.  We provide a detailed look at the Yaeger CPA review course to help you decide if the program meets your needs.

Video Lecture Example
The video based lectures are coordinated with the online text to make is easy to follow along.

Understanding your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

When embarking on a self study program for the CPA exam, its really important to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  This is the best way to maximize your study time.  Your weaknesses may not actually be what you think they are.  So its important to use an objective tool for your assessment.

Yaeger designed a great objective assessment tool to help you evaluate your strengths and weakness so you can better focus your study efforts.

What is Included in the Yaeger CPA Course?

Yaeger makes it very simple to choose the right product for your needs.  You have the option of selecting one single comprehensive review program that fully covers all 4 sections of the CPA exam or you can select individual sections of the exam on an al carte basis.

Comprehensive CPA Review Course Bundle

This is the flagship program within Yaeger’s product line and offers access to all 4 sections of the CPA exam and provides access to each individual component of Yaeger’s product line including:

  • Video Lectures – Over 120 hours of video lectures that are easily organized by topic area.
  • 1 on 1 Instructor Support – Unlimited access to individual instructors for questions via phone, email, or the student message board.
  • Online & Print Textbooks – Access to both online and printed textbooks.  The online video lectures are linked up directly to the covered section so you can follow the online text along with the lecture (the online text shows up in an easy to read sidebar next to the lecture).
  • Test bank software – Includes over 6,000 multiple choice questions and the ability to simulate full exams or just practice certain sections to reinforce weaker topic areas.
  • AdaptaPass Technology – Yaeger’s online course platform is powered by AdaptaPass technology which customizes your study program based on your learning style and your current knowledge level.  This helps to make your study time more efficient by maximizing your time in areas that are most important to your current skill level.
  • Audio Lessons – Access to audio lessons so you can reinforce important sections during your commute from work.
  • Flashcard App – Includes over 2,000 flashcards to help you retain important concepts and formulas from your IOS or Android phone.  The flashcard app is available for access on your phone, tablet, or on a desktop computer.
  • Cram Course – Designed to provide one final reinforcement of important concepts in the last few weeks before you take the CPA exam.
  • Custom Study Planner – online tool to help you map out your study schedule based on when you would like to sit for the exam.

The comprehensive CPA program is available for just $1,589 and includes access for 18 months.  You also have the ability to select single courses based on the 4 sections of the CPA exam for just $425 for each section.  By purchasing the full program, you receive a 6.5% discount off the price of purchasing each individual $425 course separately.

Click here to review the full details of the package.

Flash Card App format
The flashcards are grouped by section of the CPA exam and let you flag specific index cards to review later.

Pass Guarantee

In the event that you don’t pass a section of the CPA exam, Yaeger offers an additional 3 months of access.

Click here to review the full details of the Yaeger bundle and individual course options.

Individual Course Products

Many students find it helpful to purchase individual components of a CPA review program.  Yaeger makes this easy by allowing you to purchase any of the following products separately if you don’t need a full CPA review program:

  • Individual Full Course (AUD, BEC, FAR, or REG): $425 each.
  • Audio Lectures (AUD, BEC, FAR, or REG): $125 each or $445 for all 4.
  • Test Bank Software: $97 each or $350 for all 4.
  • Flashcard App (Standard or IOS version): $97 (includes all 4 sections).
  • Cram Course: $275 for each section (includes digital textbooks & 6 month access).

My Experience Using Yaeger CPA

I found the Yaeger platform to be very easy to navigate with the topic sections clearly delineated on the page so you could focus on certain areas.  The online lectures were structured in a way that it was very easy to follow along because the online text highlighted the section being discussed on the right hand side of the screen.

Each of the lecturers have their own unique teaching style.  It follows a very similar format that you see if you were sitting in a college classroom environment.  After each lesson there is a quiz that follows to see how well you have retained the concepts.  The quiz includes detailed explanations for each question that helps reinforce correct answers as well as helping you fully understand incorrect questions.

Question example
Example of an online quiz question.


Explanation example
Detailed explanation for the quiz question.

The AdaptaPass technology was an effective touch that made it very easy to follow a simple, yet very structured study schedule.  It’s important to mention that when using a review course, you need to have clear sense of your own personal learning style.

The AdaptaPass format pushes you in the right direction, but you need to really think honestly about your own personal style to get the most value out of a review program.  The review program can guide you in the right direction, but you really need to be the one to drive the direction and how you structure your study time.

How My Learning Style Fit with the Yaeger Program

My personal learning style is to read text and then practice questions.  I tend to spend the most time practicing questions and much less time with the video lectures and the textbook.  I use the questions to highlight my weakest areas.  For my weaker areas, I will go back and watch each lecture and re-read those sections of the text.

I also prefer reading a hard copy of the text rather than an online textbook.  Having access to both an online text and the hard copy is a real benefit of the program.  I found the textbooks to be comprehensive and the quizzes and exam simulations to be the most useful for me personally. Because I commute by train, I tended to listen to the audio version of the lectures rather than the video lectures.

Final Thoughts

Yaeger’s CPA review course represents a great value with comprehensive products and features.  If your firm doesn’t cover the cost of a CPA course, then I strongly recommend taking a hard look at Yaeger.  The product is ideal for someone who is comfortable with a self study program and has the discipline to read and practice the material based on a set schedule where you are only accountable to yourself.

The Company also offers a unique 1 on 1 customer support benefit which allows you to directly access the instructors with additional questions.  They respond within 24 hours and you can use this benefit as often as you would like.

Keep in mind that the program’s focus is on understanding the concepts and not on dazzling the viewer with the fanciest Powerpoint or the slickest video packages.  If those elements are important to you, you should consider one of the premium cost providers.  But if you are someone that is comfortable setting a study program for yourself and then sticking with it, you are going to be a good fit with the Yaeger program.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to passing the CPA exam.  Whichever review program you select, you still need to put in the work individually.  Yaeger offers you all the tools you need to pass, but you need to put in the time and effort to make it happen.

The best way to decide if Yaeger is right for you is to try the platform out and see if it works for you.  Click below for a free trial (you don’t need to provide a credit card for the access!):

Yaeger Free Trial

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