What is the Best GMAT Question Bank?

Getting into the best MBA programs in the country require high grades, strong job experience, and a top percentile GMAT score.  When you’re already working full time, its really critical to use your time efficiently when studying for the GMAT.

Probably the single best resource I utilized when preparing to take the GMAT was a high quality practice question bank.

By using a test bank, I was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses in real time.  I could also see how my abilities changed over time.

In this article, we highlight the best GMAT mock test and practice question program options available so you can make the right decision for your learning style.

GMAT Mock Test Considerations

Most students have two main considerations when using a test bank product.  Should you purchase a standalone test bank product or should you purchase a question bank included as part of a bundled package?

Other important considerations include how long you plan to study before taking the GMAT and whether you plan to re-take the test more than once.

Also pay attention to the technology used with the practice questions and the ability use the software on your mobile phone or tablets.

For a side by side comparison, see our Best GMAT Prep Course guide.

Standalone Question Bank

Using a standalone question bank can be an ideal choice for students that are comfortable setting their own study schedules and sticking to them.

Setting your own study schedule allows for more flexibility with your work schedule, but also requires significant self discipline.

Purchasing a standalone question bank is also a lower cost option than purchasing a larger bundled gmat product.

If you already have GMAT study material, then you may be better off just using a dedicated test bank.

Bundled Question Bank

The other alternative is to select a question bank program bundled as part of a larger overall prep course package.  These are really good options for students that need to spend extra time working on preliminary concepts they may have forgotten or if you’re a first time GMAT student.

Students that prefer the structure of a traditional classroom based learning style will find the bundled GMAT options more appealing to their study styles.  You can also check for GMAT Promo Codes for bundled course discounts.

Bundled packages will typically include video based lectures, access to a dedicated app, access to personalized tutoring, structured study schedule, and in depth text based content that will provide a comprehensive learning experience.

A final consideration is that some online based prep courses offer bundled options at lower price points than traditional prep course providers.

This means you could access a fully featured product bundle including GMAT Prep Books at a cost that would be very close to a standalone test bank product.  Magoosh and ExamPal are good examples of lower cost, online based prep courses.


The GMAT uses an adaptive test format.  This means that your first question will be a medium difficulty question.  If you answer that question correctly, your next question will be a harder question.

Likewise, if you answer that first question incorrectly, your next question will be an easier question.

The objective of the adaptive question format is to most closely match determine your true assessment of your ability level.

When considering a question bank program, it is important to evaluate whether that program utilizes technology that mimics the GMAT’s adaptive testing format.


Most mock testing products have a limited availability period. Most products include access periods that range from 3 months to up to 12 months.

A lower cost product that is only available for 3 months may actually cost more than a product that is available for 12 months if you end up studying for longer than 3 months or re-take the test.

You want to make sure you have a good idea of how long you plan to prep before sitting for the GMAT.

Many students eventually re-take the GMAT, so you may want to consider using a product for longer than 3 months.


If you already have a full time job, you may find yourself studying for the GMAT during breaks at work or during your daily commute.

Using a test bank product with a mobile app or with a software platform that is mobile friendly may be a critical feature to make your study time more efficient.


Magoosh was founded in 2009 as an innovative, online GMAT prep course platform.

By focusing on an online based product, Magoosh provides students with a comprehensive study program at a significant discount compared to traditional prep course providers.

Rather than select individual packages, Magoosh allows students to choose a study package that covers the full GMAT or a single verbal or math section package.

The question bank software includes over 1,300 practice questions.  Additionally, each question includes an in depth video explanation for each included question.


We also really like the ability to fine tune your package preferences.  This means you can choose the access period (3 months, 6 months, or 12 months) and the content (both sections or a single section).

Students also get significant value from Magoosh because the test bank product includes full video based lessons, 2 practice tests, a score predictor, and a personalized study schedule.

Essentially you are getting a bundle product at the price of a standalone test bank product.

  • Price ranges from $249 to $799 depending on your package selections.
  • Option of choosing a single GMAT section or Quant and Verbal sections.
  • 1 year access period.
  • Bundled package at the cost of a traditional standalone product.
  • Dedicated mobile app.

Read our full Magoosh GMAT review article for additional course details.


Students interested in a very large and comprehensive question bank software that offers premium tutoring features may want to consider the Economist GMAT prep course.

The question bank software includes over 5,000 questions in the database.  Every question is also accessible on the dedicated mobile app.  This makes it seamless to study for the GMAT in between breaks at work or during your daily commute.

In addition to the comprehensive test bank, the Economist offers a few unique and highly personalized features.  All students have access to the Ask a Tutor feature which allows you to communicate with dedicated GMAT tutors.

Additionally, students also have access to Live 1 on 1 sessions with a tutor and have the ability to submit your analytical writing assessment directly to a tutor for real time feedback and grading.

  • 5,000 practice questions bundled with a comprehensive adaptive learning course.
  • Innovative adaptive learning platform that walks students through each section of the exam.
  • 3 to 6 full length practice exams.
  • Range of personalized online tutoring features including a unique essay grading feature.
  • Prep courses available for 3 to 6 months.
  • Most students complete the full course within 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Access starts at $799.

You can also read our full review of the Economist GMAT prep course.


Kaplan is one of the most well known test providers in the industry.  They have a very long history of preparing students for a variety of standardized tests including the GMAT.

Kaplan offers students a wide range of prep course products that range from a standalone test bank product all the way up to comprehensive bundle packages with personalized tutoring options.

Kaplan’s Qbank GMAT test bank offers students a clean and highly advanced product that is customized to your individual needs.  The core question bank software is available for just $99.

The Qbank product includes over 2,300 questions, offers a mobile phone app, and includes comprehensive diagnostic information to track your progress.

Most importantly, Kaplan’s Qbank utilizes adaptive technology to match you with questions that most appropriately match your skill level.  This feature is critical because it mirrors the actual testing structure of the GMAT on test day.

Students also have the ability to pick and choose features and options they need for their study program.  This means that you can choose a single question bank or you can add extra full length practice exams or select video lectures to your study package.

You can also choose whether you would like access for 3 months or 6 months.

Notable features include:

  • Standalone Qbank product available for $99.
  • Adaptive platform.
  • Access for 3 months or 6 months.
  • 2,300 questions in the database.
  • In depth explanations and full diagnostics.
  • Mobile phone accessible with a dedicated app.
  • Ability to add features and options based on your study preferences.

For more information, see our Kaplan GMAT review.

Manhattan Prep

Students that are looking for an immersive, high tech study program will find a lot to like with Manhattan Prep.

Students have a wide variety of prep choices that range from preliminary skills building courses all the way up to in person traditional classroom courses in your local city.

Manhattan’s question bank software is available as part of a bundled product option.  The core bundle package allows students to choose from a single section of the GMAT (Math or Verbal) or both sections.

The starting price for a single section is $549 or $999 for both sections.

Keep in mind the core bundle product offers significant value beyond the practice question software.  The bundle includes:

  • 35 interactive video based topic lessons which cover every topic on the exam.
  • All course features fully accessible on all mobile phones and tablets.
  • 6 full length practice tests.
  • Comprehensive adaptive based practice question test bank.
  • 10 strategy guides.
  • 6 months of course access.

See our Manhattan GMAT Prep Review article for more course information.

Princeton Review

Many students are familiar with Princeton Review as one of the leading prep course providers in the country.  GMAT students can choose from comprehensive study bundles and self study learning options.

The dedicated test bank product includes over 3,000 questions and utilizes a proprietary algorithm to match your skill level.  Princeton Review offers the test bank as part of the self study course options.

Students can choose from individual GMAT sections which start at $149 or a comprehensive bundle that starts at $499.

The self study bundles offer significant value at a very reasonable price point.  Features we like include:

  • Up to 10 full length practice tests.
  • Over 100 video based lessons.
  • 10.5 hours of live question and answer sessions.
  • Mobile accessible online course design.

Our Princeton Review GMAT article provides more course details.

Exam Pal

Students interested in an online course option with innovative technology will find Exam Pal’s platform very appealing.

Similar to Magoosh, Exam Pal offers a comprehensive online course at a much lower price point than traditional prep course providers.

Exam Pal’s online GMAT course uses an algorithm that not only monitors your answers, but also monitors how quickly you answer questions and offers feedback to help you answer questions more efficiently.

Exam Pal’s algorithm also incorporates the performance of every other student utilizing the software to understand how everyone else performs compared with you.

Students have the ability to select access to the quantitative section or both sections.  Each course includes 6 month of access, 1,500 practice questions, and 4 full length practice exams.

The premium and genius course options include essay reviews and 3 live tutoring sessions.

Target Test Prep

Many students find the quantitative section to be the most difficult section on the GMAT.  Target Test Prep offers a dedicated online prep course that focuses entirely on the math section of the GMAT.

This type of option is ideal for students that may already use a prep course, but find they need more targeted attention in the quant section.

Target’s online course includes over 3,000 practice questions along with 800 GMAT videos spread across 500 different lessons.  Rather than purchase access for set amount of time, Target allows a high degree of flexibility with access plans that range from monthly access to 6 months of access.

Target’s question bank software also offers a more nuanced approach to solving problem types.  Rather than practice indiscriminately, Target allows you to drill down on specific question types.

This allows you to really commit problem solving strategies to memory before moving on to a different question format.

For more information, you can read our Target Test Prep GMAT review.

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