How to Make 300 Dollars in a Day

According to a recent financial study, over one in three people say that having more money to save is their top financial goal. While fewer actually follow through with their resolutions to save, a growing amount of the population is learning how to save more money without cutting their personal consumption.

The formula for more wealth without cutting back is easy: make more money in your spare time and find ways to earn or save with passive income. A trend we’ve seen is the increase in side hustles, essentially a way to make more money outside of your full-time job.

Side hustles can start as a hobby that grows into a way to increase personal revenue, or they can form out of conveniences that you have in your life that you may not have even realized yet.

While only 50% of survey respondents in recent studies claimed to “love” their full-time jobs, a whopping 76% love their side hustle. This can be attributed to the freedom and independence a side hustle offers, but even more importantly, the extra layer of financial security that they strive to achieve.

This article focuses on ideas for making an extra $300 each day. Read on to learn about the experience different people have had with these ideas for making a little bit of extra money in their free time.

Sell your Extra Stuff – Decluttr

Free yourself with a minimalist lifestyle and make extra money by selling things around the house that you don’t need. Decluttr is the smart, fast way to sell tech devices and media items you don’t use anymore.

You will feel great with a cleaner house and extra money in your pocket. While you could spend weeks trying to sell your items elsewhere or even quit during the selling process, Decluttr actually promises you a free instant valuation for your items right after you enter the barcode of the item you’re trying to sell.

Once your item sells, packing and shipping it is completely free and you get paid the next day via PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

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  • Harry, age 29 from Detroit, MI: “Instead of selling on Amazon or eBay, I chose to sell on Decluttr because it’s the best use of my time. I love that I get the instant valuation for what I want to sell because it helps me easily decide whether I should sell it online. I’m pretty busy too, so I love that Decluttr sends me a shipping parcel for FREE and lets me ship the items for free too.”

Earn money online at is one of the fastest-growing websites to make money online, which pays you in PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Gift Cards instantly. You can earn money on filling out surveys, completing tasks, sign-ups, or playing games. Users already earned $24,000,000+, since 2020. In my opinion, it’s the best Get-Paid-To website I’ve ever used. has clearly put its focus on having the highest payouts, instant cashouts, low minimum withdrawals, a clean design, active direct support, featured offers (offers that have reliable payouts) & international signups. As you can see the site tries to be very user-friendly.
Some of the Freecash features:
  • Instant PayPal cashouts starting at only $5.00
  • Instant Crypto cashouts including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & DOGE starting as low as $0.50
  • Daily Leaderboard paying out $500.00 every single day to top 250 users & monthly leaderboard paying out $2,500.00
  • High payout rates on offer walls (Running +50% promotions constantly with the biggest offer walls like Ayet Studios, Adem & AdGate)
  • Very good  Trustpilot Rating (20,000+ reviews, 4.6 stars)
  • 1,000 coins = $1
  • 0% fee Gift Card withdrawals (Amazon, Steam & more)

Use your Skills as a Freelancer – Fiverr

I personally love freelancing and think that it’s the future of work. You get to choose your own schedule and how much you want to get paid for your services whether they’re in design, coding, marketing, or beyond.

Thankfully, many platforms exist to link clients to freelancers of all experience levels, so you can leverage the expertise you have in your career or hobbies or dabble in a field you’ve always wanted to try and make money for it.

With Fiverr, you can create a profile about the experience you’ve had in the freelancing industry you want to join, and then you would create gigs for each of the services you offer as your side hustle. For instance, I offer writing and content marketing work, so if someone likes the expertise and personality I exude on Fiverr, they would contact me and we would negotiate a contract.

To get paid, you will have to complete the tasks according to the contract, but it’s important to keep in mind that Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings, so you should price higher accordingly.

  • Karla, age 33 from Atlanta, GA: “Finding a job I like is hard. But ever since I started freelancing with Fiverr, I’ve really been able to do the things I like, not to mention getting paid for them! It takes a while to build rapport and a client audience, but now the hard part is over and I feel fully immersed in my side hustle!”

Rent your Car – Turo

Do you have a car that you don’t use every day? You can list it on the Turo vehicle marketplace and get paid when people rent your car on an hourly or daily basis. The Turo app makes the process easy for you by listing a price based on the market value and demand for your car, but you can decide your own price too if you wish.

You can determine when your car is available for others to rent, and once someone books it, you will get paid 65-85% of the listing price within five days.

Listing your car on Turo is free, and you’re even covered with one million dollars in liability insurance if something were to happen to your car. Many people who list on Turo earn more than $500 a month, and this will only increase as the app becomes more popular.

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  • Lucas, age 28 from Denver, CO: “I wish I used my car more, but it’s necessary to have one in Colorado for those weekend trips to the mountains. It’s nice that I get to share my car with someone else who can use it when I don’t need it, and the pay isn’t bad either. Turo is awesome because it comes with insurance, so I feel great lending my car!”

Earn Money as a Personal Assistant – TaskRabbit

If you’ve considered doing many different tasks for your side hustle or found yourself good at doing many things, you could be an assistant for someone on TaskRabbit. Many people need things done around the home, so TaskRabbit connects them to individuals who can complete those tasks for them in a safe, convenient way.

Many jobs are handy jobs involving furniture assembly, house cleaning, or heavy lifting, but a growing number of gigs are personal assistant roles. Be an extra pair of hands for someone in your own time when you make a profile on TaskRabbit and apply to a gig. You get paid by the gig or by the hour, and most clients are local to your area.

  • Allyson, age 23 from San Mateo, CA: “Right out of college I wanted a way to make more money outside of my entry level job, so I signed up with TaskRabbit as an assistant, and the experience has been great. What a great platform for open communication and collaboration! My clients have been friendly and make me feel appreciated, and the app makes them so easy to find!”

Play Online Games – InboxDollars

Being able to play games online while making money is a dream come true for many when they use InboxDollars. The website lists over 30 games you can play, including arcade games, word search, pool, chess, sudoku, and card games.

It’s an easy way to earn while taking time to relax from a long day, and you can even play on your mobile device when you’re on the go. You get points for every game you play, and you can request to get paid for these points through ePayment or check.

You can also make extra cash by watching videos, taking surveys, and redeeming shopping offers as well. Signing up for an InboxDollars membership is free and can be an entertaining avenue to earn a bit more money in your spare time, and it really goes to show that you can make money doing anything.

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  • Brian, age 25 from Toledo, OH: “After work I just need some time to unwind, you know? I especially love puzzle games because I can always compete for the best score, but with InboxDollars, I even get paid for every single time I play. It’s crazy but true. We really live in a time where gaming can earn you money.”

Cut the Cable Cord – Hulu

Be honest, how often do you actually watch all the channels that cable TV offers? Fewer people are tuning into their televisions year after year and instead relying on streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix for their entertainment.

Hulu is one of the primary premium streaming services that you can access online from anywhere on any device or on your own TV at home. They offer live broadcasts and on-demand shows and movies, many of which are also available on cable.

The savings from switching to Hulu are obvious: Hulu starts at $7.99 per month while most traditional cable providers easily range from $20 to $100 a month. Add up these costs over time, and you can easily see how much more you could save with Hulu.

  • Brenda, age 32 from Sunnyvale, CA: “I am absolutely in love with Hulu. I don’t even look at my TV that much anymore to be honest because all my favorite shows are right here on my laptop or Hulu app, and I can watch from wherever I want. In addition to shows I saw on TV, I’m also discovering new shows and movies that I never would’ve heard about!”

Improve your Credit Score – Credit Sesame

This is a more subtle way to save more money in the long run, but there is no doubt that if more people realized how much money they could save, they’d be trying to increase their credit scores too. A better credit score can lower your monthly mortgage, and you’ll be able to get lower interest rates for other loans and credit too.

Any of your insurance plans will also reconsider giving you lower prices when your credit score goes up because you’ll appear to be more trustworthy and responsible.

Credit Sesame is a personal credit management system that understands and interprets your credit scores over time and recommends personalized products and services that will help increase your credit score. They are a free and safe way to monitor your credit, and even offer free ID protection from those who may hack into your personal information.

Their website is dedicated to teaching financial literacy and other personal finance advice for credit cards, insurance, and loans.

  • Maria, age 24 from Anaheim, CA: “They should’ve taught us about personal finance growing up because when I became an independent adult, I felt so helpless when it came to money management. Thank goodness Credit Sesame was here for me because they’ve taught me so much, from how to increase my credit score to which loans I should apply for!”

Become a Tutor – Tutor the People

The value of knowledge and education is immeasurable. With the rising popularity of online open courses and learning platforms, websites like Tutor the People are connecting students to new tutors every day. Tutor the People is a tutoring and test preparation company that specializes in customized tutoring both online and in-person.

If you’ve ever been a fan of the natural sciences, mathematics, or foreign languages, you can sign up to be a tutor and make money tutoring students according to your schedule. Additionally, you can even tutor students for standardized tests.

You can work with grade school students in studying for their state tests or high schoolers with the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. Tutor the People also targets students taking graduate program entrance exams, such as the LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and GMAT, so you can use your experiences to help tutor them as well.

  • Tony, age 26 from Austin, TX: “I remember studying for the LSAT not too long ago, and here I am now at the UT Law School. Since I’m paying a lot of money to go here and am still trying to minimize my college debt, I took on being a tutor for Tutor the People. I teach really bright students the tips I used when taking the LSAT, and sometimes I teach the SAT and ACT as well.”

Become a Babysitter – Care

Babysitting is a lucrative side hustle as more parents are willing to pay more for the best childcare services. Joining a job site like Care makes it easy to find babysitter or nanny jobs because all you have to do is set up a profile then apply to available job listings.

Training courses and certifications will make you more qualified for babysitter jobs on Care and can actually get you more money, and Care makes it easy to find babysitting jobs that fit with your schedule as well.

Care also allows you to offer services in senior care, tutoring, housekeeping, pet care, and other various odd jobs around the neighborhood if you’re looking for versatility and freedom in a platform.

  • Vicky, age 49 from Hanover, NH: “I remember the days when I’d babysit for my neighbors as a teenager, but two kids later and here I am babysitting again. My children are older and more independent now, so I find myself with enough free time to take care of other children as a part-time babysitter. Care makes it so easy to branch out and meet new families to care for!”

Get Paid to Walk – Achievement

There are easy, legitimate ways to actually get paid for walking. Achievement encourages you to walk more and be more active by giving you points when you log various health activities. You can earn up to 80 points a day by tracking food, sleep, and exercise, and you’ll earn $10 after every 10,000 points you earn.

This is an easy way to make a little extra cash from the walking that you already do or get that extra motivation to exercise more. You can earn these points without even realizing it since Achievement syncs with apps such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Garmin, and the iPhone Health app.

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  • Kiana, age 36 from Omaha, NE: “Oh my gosh Achievement makes me take an average 3,000 more steps than I normally would in a day! It’s so cool that I can get paid for walking. These guys are legit. I feel in way better shape too!”

Transcribe Audio – Transcribe Anywhere

Audio transcription is a great way to work from home. Online video content creation is exploding in popularity, and someone is always needed to transcribe the audio that comes with it. Transcribe Anywhere is a service that offers introductory courses on becoming a transcriptionist and allows you to take the first steps in finding work in the industry.

Some courses are free and the rest are affordable and worth the investment if you’re looking for a consistent side hustle. Beyond just being able to type fast and listen carefully, you’ll also learn to do transcriptions in a standardized format and also find clients who will pay you to type.

  • Lindsay, age 46 from Tallahassee, FL: “This is how I began my career as a work-at-home-mom. I was able to work whenever and have flexible deadlines, and Transcribe Anywhere helped me learn the secrets of the transcription industry so fast. After purchasing the full course, I also still receive the latest updates for free too! An investment that paid off for sure.”

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