Comparing the Best CPA Exam Test Banks

Possibly the single most important thing you can do to pass the CPA exam is to answer as many sample questions as possible.  You receive instant feedback to help understand your strengths and weaknesses.

You also have the ability to improve your weaknesses and gain confidence by improving your ability in topic areas that may have been more challenging when you first started studying.

We take a detailed look at the best CPA exam test question banks that are currently available that may be able to give you an edge in your studying.

Will a Practice Question Bank Help You Pass?

There is no magic bullet or shortcut that will help you pass the CPA exam.  The only way to pass is if you put the necessary time in to study and master the material.

However, there are things you can do to help you pass that may reduce the amount of time necessary to master the material.

Probably the most consistent way students have been able to master the material more quickly is to regularly utilize a question bank to practice questions and diagnose topics and sections that are strengths and weaknesses.

Strategies to Improve your Study Plan using Practice Questions

Rather than create a study plan that involves you reading every text and watching every video lecture from start to finish, you might start by taking practice test questions first.

You could take an initial test of the entire material or you could test smaller tests for each of the main topic areas.  After you get your results, you will have immediate insight into your strengths and weaknesses by major topic area.

For your weaker areas, I would recommend reading the text and watching the videos from start to finish.  I would also break down the material into smaller sizes.  This way you can absorb the material first and then practice questions directly related to that material.

By regularly practicing questions related to that material, you will gradually absorb and retain that information.  The key is to get in the habit of regularly taking practice questions as often as you can.

What are the Main Options Available for CPA Exam Test Banks?

The main consideration is whether the test bank product is available as a standalone product or if its only available as a bundle with a more comprehensive CPA test prep package.  This option makes a very big difference in the overall cost.

A quality standalone product may only cost a few hundred dollars, whereas a test bank product included with a larger product bundle could cost over $1,000 and potentially over $2,000.

The reason this is important is because many students consider purchasing test bank products as a supplement to their primary CPA exam study material.

Depending on how frequently you use your question bank, you may find that you start to see the same questions for a given topic area.  By purchasing a supplemental question bank, you benefit from testing your skills against a fresh bank of questions written by a different prep course provider.

Additional features and benefits to be aware of when selecting a test bank include:

  • Number of questions: test banks with a higher number of questions will have more depth.  You also have much less of chance of running out of questions in a given topic area.
  • Length of Access: Some products provide lifetime access and other products limit your access to a certain number of months.
  • Mobile Friendly Layout: Being able to practice questions on your morning commute and during lunch breaks can make a big difference on test day.
  • Mobile App: A downloadable app allows you to practice questions remotely even if you don’t have internet access.
  • Extensive Diagnostic Features: Without the ability to get detailed evaluations, you won’t accurately know your strengths and weaknesses and how they’ve changed over time.

Top Standalone CPA Test Bank Products

We have included a detailed list of our top choices for standalone test bank providers.  These options all offer test bank products without the requirement of purchasing a larger bundle.

So these products are ideal for students looking for a supplemental test bank or for those people that are working with a tighter budget.

Wiley CPA Test Bank

Wiley’s Efficient Learning Platform has a reputation for high quality and comprehensive training.  The CPA prep course program is a great example of high quality combined with a wide range of options.

Students can choose from comprehensive bundled programs as well as lower priced supplemental test prep products.

Wiley’s CPA test bank product includes the following features:

  • Over 6,000 practice questions.
  • 200 task based simulation questions.
  • Create unlimited practice exams.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics to track your progress.
  • Full 2 years of access.
  • Option to purchase all four exam sections or single exam sections.

Read our Wiley CPA Review article for more information.

We also help you compare Wiley vs Becker CPA courses.

Universal CPA Test Bank

Universal is a relatively new entrant into the CPA exam prep course market, but they are making a big splash with a standalone test bank product that combines excellent features with a very low price point.

Universal’s product is a great choice for students looking for a supplemental question bank product but don’t want to overspend for access to it.

We also really like the ability to choose a combination product that covers all four sections of the CPA exam for a 25% discount from the individual section based test banks.

Notable features include:

  • Lifetime Access for all products.
  • $299 for the comprehensive test bank that covers all 4 sections.
  • $99 for individual sections of the CPA exam.
  • Includes over 4,200 MCQs and 200 task based simulations.
  • Test bank is accessible on any device including mobile and tablet.
  • Detailed analytics to measure your results.

See our full review of the Universal CPA test bank.

Yaeger CPA Test Bank

Phil Yaeger started Yaeger CPA in 1977 as a classroom based course dedicated to helping students pass the CPA exam.  Over time the business has evolved into a multi media platform that offers a range of products and course options to help students of various learning styles pass the exam.

However the Company’s roots remain as a teaching based program and that theme runs through all of Yaeger’s products.

While the company does offer more comprehensive bundles that include text based material and video lectures, they also offer students the ability to purchase their test bank product on a standalone basis.  Notable benefits of the test bank product include:

  • 18 month access.
  • $350 for the combined test bank.
  • $97 for individual sections.
  • Includes over 4,000 MCQs.
  • Detailed results and score tracking ability.
  • Accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

See our full Yaeger CPA review article.

Top Bundled CPA Test Bank Products

The other category of test bank products are the bundled products.  These products are offered as part of more comprehensive study material packages.

The tradeoff is that they products are available at much higher price points, but they offer more features and benefits than the standalone products.

Surgent CPA Test Bank

Surgent offers an algorithmically based test bank product that is included as part of a comprehensive CPA study material package.  Students have the option of purchasing comprehensive packages that cover all 4 sections or they can purchase individual sections separately.

Surgent’s test bank software utilizes ASAP Technology.  The technology is designed with adaptive learning software geared to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses and then instantly design a comprehensive study plan based on those results.  Notable elements of the test bank software include:

  • Over 6,000 multiple choice questions & 400 task based simulations.
  • 3 Comprehensive course package options: $1,899 (Essentials), $2,399 (Premier), and $2,999 (Ultimate).
  • Individual section courses cost $599 (AUD, FAR, BEC, REG).
  • Unlimited access.
  • Accessible on all device sizes.
  • Extensive analytics including algorithmically generated study plan based on your skill level.

Read our detailed Surgent CPA review article for more information about course options and features.

Becker CPA Test Bank

Becker may be the most well known CPA prep provider on the market.  Becker’s courses are known for quality and consistent results.

Because of Becker’s strong reputation, Becker’s test bank product is only available as part of the more comprehensive bundled course packages.

Keep in mind that many students rely on Becker’s program to successfully pass the CPA exam.  If you are comfortable paying a slightly higher premium, we strongly recommend using Becker’s platform.

Notable test bank features are highlighted below:

  • Comprehensive test bank product that covers all four sections of the exam.
  • Ability to purchase supplemental test bank questions for $599 if you have purchased a bundled test bank product.
  • Monthly payment options with 0% interest.

For more information about Becker’s CPA prep course bundles, see our comprehensive Becker CPA review article.

Roger CPA Test Bank

Roger was created by Roger Phillipp.  The Company was established based on a teaching methodology developed by Roger Phillipp (the “Roger Method”) which is dedicated to teaching students using highly engaging and practical methods that enhance retention and make learning easier and more enjoyable.

The Company’s test bank product is only available as part of their comprehensive course packages.  The packages range in price from $1,699 to $2,999, but include extensive study materials such as 100 hours of video lectures and text based study materials.

Students can also purchase individual sections of the exam which range from $595 to $695.  Roger offers a high quality program for students looking for a more comprehensive option that includes a high quality test bank product.

Notable features for the test bank product:

  • Over 6,200 MCQ and task based simulation questions.
  • Access ranges from 18 months to lifetime depending on the chosen package.
  • $1,699 for the Select package, $2,299 for the Premier, and $2,999 for the Elite package.
  • $595 for BEC, AUD, or REG and $695 for FAR.
  • Mobile App is available.
  • Accessible on any device.
  • Extensive analytics.

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